Liang Quan

Born in Shanghai, China
Graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, Master Degree
Teaches at the China Academy of Fine Arts as professor
Currently lives and works in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, China

Selected Solo Exhibition

‘Liang Quan Solo Exhibition’, Wistaria Tea House, Taipei, China
‘Folds of the Infra-fade’, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
‘Bland’, Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea
‘Eight Views of Xiaoxiang’, Wistaria Tea House, Taipei, China
‘Sailing~Afar – Liang Quan’s New Works’, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing
‘Liang Quan’s Solo Exhibition’, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai
‘Liang Quan’s Solo Exhibition’, M.Sutherland Fine Arts, New York
‘Liang Quan’s Solo Exhibition’, Mies van Der Rohe Haus, Berlin
‘Liang Quan’s Solo Exhibition’, Kunst House, Nürnberg, Germany
‘Liang Quan’s Solo Exhibition’, Alisan Fine Arts Limited, Hong Kong

Selected Group Exhibition

‘Mind-Scape 2’, Artists Group Exhibition, 3812 Contemporary Art Projects, Hong Kong
‘Perfection upon Finery: Liang Quan Jin Shi’, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
‘The Realm of Black and White’, Shone – Show Gallery, Beijing, China
‘West Say East Say – Chinese Contemporary Art Research Exhibition’, United Art Museum, Wuhan, China
‘By the Name of Dailiness – Chinese Contemporary Art Everyday Discourse and Generate Ideas’, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China
‘Non-being Emptiness’, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, China
‘I-Inkness’, ZHC Art Space, Beijing, China
‘2014’ the 7th Abstract Art Exhibition’, Pipo New Art Gallery, Beijing, China
‘Empty Cold’, Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
‘Mind-Scape’ Artists Group Exhibition, 3812 Contemporary Art Projects, Hong Kong
‘Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Joint Exhibition’, VA Gallery, Hong Kong
‘Phase of Heart – Abtract Art Group Exhibition I’, Va Gallery, Hong Kong
‘Stay Away’, Va Gallery, HK
‘At Rest – The Fifth Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art’, PIFO Gallery, Beijing
‘Biennale of Sydney’, Sydney, Australia
‘Duchamp’Inframince in painting, First Zhuangzi International Conference Parallel Exhibition’, Yuan art museum, Beijing
‘Chase the wind and clutch at shadows’,The 15th anniversary of the China International Fashion Week, PIFO Gallery, Beijing
‘All our relations’, 18th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
‘Trans-Media: Work by Zhang Yu and Liang Quan’, Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing
‘Super-Organism’, CAFAM Biennale, CAFA, Beijing
‘Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition’, University of Minnesota, USA
‘Echo: Minds-in-Hands’, PIFO Gallery, Beijing
‘Visible Soul – The Fourth Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition’, PIFO Gallery, Beijing
‘Tao of Nature – Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition’, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai
‘Liang Quan and Ma Shuqing Exhibition’, FAETH Gallery, Germany
‘Metaphysical Entity’, Da Xiang Art Space Taichung, Taiwan
‘Heavenly Abstraction – 21st Century Chinese Art’,Rome Contemporary Art Museum, Italy
‘Power of the Middle’, VA Gallery, Hong Kong
‘Negotiation – the Second Today’s Documents’, Today Art Museum, Beijing
‘Reshaping History – Chinart from 2000 to 2009’, China National Convention Center, Beijing
‘Thirty Years of Chinese Contemporary Art’, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
‘The Power of Simplicity’, WELLSIDE Gallery, Shanghai
‘One Day in June’, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, New York
‘Back to the Essence from Ink Painting to Ink’, Da Xiang Art Space, Taiwan
‘Unending Distance – the 3rd Exhibition of Abstract Art’, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing
‘The Great Celestial Abstraction – Chinese Art in 21st Century’, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
‘Array with No Objects – Academic Inviting Exhibition of Contemporary Abstract Art’, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan
‘Where the Spirit Lives: Exhibition on the Occasion of 100th Anniversary of Abstract Paintings’, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing, China
‘Yi Pai: 30 Years of Abstract Art in China’, la caixa forum Palma / la caixa forum Barcelona/ la caixa forum Madrid, Spain
‘Beyond the Image: Liang Quan, Lui Chunkwong & Yan Shanchun’, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
‘798 Beijing Biennale’, 798 Art Area, Beijing
‘Water and Ink.Abstract’, Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum, Shanghai
‘Ink, Not Ink’, Drexel University, Philadelphia, U.S.A / Museum of Warsaw Royal, Poland
‘Guangdong Contemporary Art Exhibition’, Guangdong Fine Art Museum, Guangzhou
‘Yi Pai: Century Thinking’, Today Art Museum, Beijing
‘Chinesische Tuschemalerei Der Gegenwart’, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany
‘Savoring Images with a Pure Heart: Contemporary Chinese Ink and Wash Invitational Exhibition’, Daxiang Art Space, Taiwan
‘Ink, Not Ink – Chinese Contemporary Ink and Wash Exhibition’, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen / Today Art Museum, Beijing
‘Double Exhibition of Abstract Art’, Osage Gallery, Shanghai
‘Form, Idea, Essence, Rhythm – New Aspects of Contemporary East Asian Ink Painting’, Taipei fine Art Museum, Taiwan
‘Narration in Ink and Wash’, Yokohama ZAMA Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
‘Yi Pai: 30 Years of Abstract Art in China ”’, Wall Art Museum, Beijing
‘Ink and Paper’, Weimar Art Museum, Weimar, Germany
‘Ink on Paper – Contemporary Ink and Wash’, Palace Rihour, Lille, France
‘Ost+West – Ausstellung fuer die Zeitgenossische Kunst aus China’,Kunstlerhaus in Wien, Austria
‘Chinese Experiencing Ink Painting Two Decades’ Retrospective’, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou
‘Shanghai Fine Arts Biennial’, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
‘Chinese Modern Print Exhibition’, British Museum, London
‘Exhibition in Headquarter of the World Bank’, Washington, USA
‘Exhibition in the University of San Diego’, San Diego, USA
‘Chinese Modern Fine Art Exhibition’, Churchill College, Cambridge University, UK


Liang Quan, ‘Untitled’
90cm x 120cm, Colour, ink, paper collage, 2014

Liang Quan, ‘Untitled’
90cm x 60cm, Colour, ink, paper collage, 2013

Liang Quan, ‘My Peach Blossom Garden’
200cm x 140cm, Tea, colour, ink, rice paper, collage on linen, 2012

Liang Quan, ‘Day of Tea Drinking’
90cm x 120cm, Tea, colour, ink, rice paper, collage on linen, 2012

Liang Quan, ‘Tea Diary’
80cm x 120cm, Tea, colour, ink, rice paper, collage on linen, 2012

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