Highlight Piece

Artist : Lin Guocheng中文版

Date: 2015.02.22

林國成_無法容納的風景三-多重世界_113 x 200cm__鋼筆水墨、紙本_2014

Lin Guocheng
The Landscape that is Impossibly Accommodated III- Multiple World
113cm x 200cm
Pen and Chinese ink on paper

Lin Guocheng

1979 Born in Shantou, China
2002 Studied at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Currently lives and works in Beijing

Lin Guocheng’s paintings breathe with the artist; from the blank canvass he gradually starts a journey; an object within an object; his exploration of space; to discover a point at which to start; his free and random method unfurl a myriad of lines; growing the plants and trees within each landscape; textures, patterns and structures; a circle of energy – another breath – jingluo; each stroke upon the canvas, some weak, some strong; others rushed some calm reflecting the expectations of the artist; a conception of forms, of objects created in to new forms under his hands; painting is a process of allowing the brush unlimited space for growth; to evolve alone; a rhythm of breath from the artist.

Chinese landscape paintings have their own unique forms of language; a traditional view with a spiritual atmosphere embraced with cloud, mist, mountains and water; Lin Guocheng embraces this tradition with his sense of touch and texture; working with charcoal, pencil, ink, wash and watercolour his delicate touches give us a sense of originality and poetic interpretation; Lin’s lines reflect an atmosphere of free growth and randomness; this is a complete understanding of Chinese landscape paintings by a Chinese painter.