Highlight Piece

Artist : Liang Quan  中文版

Date: 2015.02.05

梁銓_無題_90cm x 120cm_色、墨、宣紙拼貼_2014_

Liang Quan
90cm x 120cm
Colour, ink, paper collage

Liang Quan

1948 Born in Shanghai, China
1982 Graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, Master Degree

Teaches at the China Academy of Fine Arts as professor
Currently lives and works in Shenzhen.

Chinese ink painting must reconstruct its traditions, particularly the refined cultural traditions of literati aesthetics. Ink painting is not merely a skill or a category of art — there is a “Dao” of ink painting. It is reminiscent of Chuang Tzu’s story of the “dexterous butcher” whose skill with the knife “approached the level of Dao”. Ink painting has always been a form of philosophy, not just a form of art. For Chinese culture to take the initiative in the present day, it cannot engage in its dialogue with the West merely in terms of ink painting as an art form and a set of techniques. It must approach this dialogue from the “Dao”, expanding contemporary ink painting through higher principles. The art of Liang Quan has greatly expanded the possibilities of contemporary art through his explorations of the naturalness and emptiness of ink painting.

Liang Quan’s mode of consciousness in ink is the repetition of minute fragments to realize empty tranquility. This is unimaginable within tradition. Tradition mainly meets emptiness with emptiness. This sense of minute fragments is realized through the collage method, with its production connotations, and thus this sensitivity towards the minute fragments, the precise control of the encounters between ink and water, and the covering and stacking of the repeated mountings all require careful adjustment. This is polyphonic poetry.