Vallée Blanche, Chamonix
3812 meters above sea level

Our Mission

Discover and Rediscover

Think and Rethink

Collect and Investment

Appreciate and Share

Enjoy and Fulfill

3812 Contemporary Art Projects endeavors to build a bridge for artists, galleries and collectors who share our vision. Through exhibitions and art projects in various cities across Asia and internationally we bring exposure for our artists to the international art world.

3812’s mission is to find and actively promote artists who have the potential to develop in the long term, without being carried away by the market trends. 3812 serves as a platform for collectors to appreciate contemporary art as well as inspire artists, galleries and collectors to think about the outlook and development of contemporary art, particularly in Asia. We aspire to continue introducing works by the artists for the long term to share their growth and development.


s_Chloe Ho exhibition_Forces of Nature_3812_ 拷貝


s_Lin Guocheng_Artworks_2

s_Lin Guocheng_Artworks

The Sounds of Nature_Scene 1

The Sounds of Nature_Scene 2

s_Li Wei_Hero ICU_Installation at 3812 Do You Believe

s_Xian Yang_Installation

s_Xian Yang_Installation_2


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